To B or Not to B

The B word? Blog!

For the longest time I wasn’t sure if I was ready to. Then I took a leap of faith and started thinking to myself “How hard could it be to write?”. What I hadn’t realized was “What am I going to write about?!”

So I decided to take some time out and prepare a rough pros & cons list:

Reasons why I should blog Reasons why I shouldn’t blog
 Because I already paid for the domain.  My family can read it.
 Can express my ideas and share my knowledge.  Realization that my ideas suck and
Google already has all the answers.
 Someone may accidentally click on an ad and  make me money.  This will never happen because all my visitors
will have AdBlock installed.
 May actually have a successful blog with lots of  followers.  Save myself from the pain of heartbreak when  no one visits.
 Sharpen my writing skills, stimulate my grey cells.  Can instead spend this time playing Dota / sleeping.
 May improve my chances of getting hired as a  writer.  Can get me fired from my present job.

As you can see, this list isn’t conclusive and didn’t really serve any purpose …

Welcome to Anybull!
Feel free to browse around 😀 😀

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