5 Reasons Why The BlackBerry Q5 Is Awesome

Despite the uncertain future of the legendary smartphone makers, here’s 5 reasons why the BlackBerry Q5 is awesome:


1. Physical QWERTY


Yes. It’s true. I am an addict. My thumbs crave for the craftful little plastic buttons to mash. BlackBerry has been satisfying this urge of mine for over 6 years now, and they’re doing a fantastic job.

The new OS integrates a lot of touch screen functionality without making the keypad feel dated or redundant.


2. BlackBerry Flow


The new OS on the Legacy devices is a big leap forward from the previous generations of BB OS. It is intuitive. No more looking under several menus to get anything done. Integration of email, contacts, social networks, cloud storage, etc. is a piece of cake!

The interface is clean, simple and works on gestures – this is BlackBerry Flow experience. All you need to do is swipe. Kudos to the developers for the simple and convenient unlocking feature and the bedside mode.


3. BlackBerry Hub

slide.en_ae (1)

Although this feature is now available in most smartphones with different flavours, what makes the Hub unique is the way in which notifications can be accessed and filtered. Most phones allow you to see the notifications and dismiss them.

In the BlackBerry, you can set up priority so you can immediately filter to the important ones. You can also sneak a peek directly from the lock screen without having to open the Hub. Just brilliant!


4. Time Shift


This feature came as quite a surprise during the launch of the Q5. A few years ago, the BlackBerry was one of the few devices allowed in certain locations due to it’s lack of camera and secure (read: complicated and restrictive) connectivity. Now, the BB devices have started catering to a younger generation of users.

The in-built facial recognition functionality allows you to move forward or backward in “time” until you’re satisfied with every persons’ facial expressions. No more shut eyes or weird faces. Just perfect selfies.


5. BlackBerry Balance


The core strength of RIM / BlackBerry devices has been their unparalleled services for enterprises. Corporate hotshots setting their keypads aflame while replying to emails on the go. Now, the BB is no longer just a work horse.

With new apps on the AppWorld and the ability to sideload Android apps onto the phone, it can easily transition between serious and fun. Enter BlackBerry Balance, which allows you to run two different spaces on a single device (with separate wallpapers). Switching between the two is a matter of simply swiping down from your home screen and selecting the desired option.

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